Soto Digital

is Carbon Neutral

This means we did not add to global warming in the year of certification as we saved the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as we produced.

This has been independently validated by Go Climate Positive.

About us

Since 2009 we’ve brought our passion for unforgettable website development to Bristol and beyond!

The majority of our work lies with building or maintaining WordPress websites, but for most of our clients we’re more than just a service provider; we become part of your team, building long lasting, collaborative relationships.

We love our clients; they range from small businesses and not-for-profits, to social initiatives, corporates and associations.

If you’re an eco-conscious company that’s trying to make the world a better place, we want to work with you!


We are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint by

1. Reduce emissions from Scope 1 & 2 office energy by 4.2% each year

2. Reduce Scope 3 emissions by 2.5% each year


We are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint by

1. Liase with office landlord 'Bizspace' to view energy assessors report

2. Reduce radiator temperature to setting '3' or less

3. Appoint office 'Carbon' representative to ensure electricals turned off when leaving

4. New laptop purchase to be energy efficient model

5. Educate & encourage staff to take renewable energy in homes using 'Perkbox' benefits

6. Encourage staff to commute by bus once a month instead of car


Our Net Emissions is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year once the amount we saved has been taken into account.

Net Emissions



Carbon Footprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year.

Actual Emissions



Equivalent to


flights London-New York

Carbon Handprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we saved in the year.

Offsets Purchased



Emissions Avoided




Our benchmarks allow us to compare our emissions with the average amount that other organisations in our industry sector produce.

Emissions relative to size


kgCO2e per customer

Industry Sector Comparison


lower than average


This chart shows how our emissions have changed over the last 5 years.

‘Go Climate Positive’ is a membership programme that makes it easy for businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It is designed to adhere to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain Standard.

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