Sterling Networks are reducing

our Carbon Footprint

This means we are committed to calculating and reducing our impact on climate change  year on year in line with the global goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

This has been independently validated by "Go Climate Positive".

About us

Sterling Networks is one of the fastest growing networking organisations in the UK and brings a dynamic, fresh approach to helping businesses make relevant connections that will cement long lasting relationships. 1 to 1 meetings are the solid foundation to the Sterling Networks membership and with a one-seat policy for each Sterling networking group, the synergy between businesses brings a positive energy, both inside and outside the networking meetings. Our members tell us that this is the most effective way to fast track their business relationships.


We are committed to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2040, reducing our actual emissions by 90% and offsetting the residual emissions by removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.


We have committed to reducing emissions year on year by:

  1. Reduce Scope 1 emissions by 5% year on year.
  2. Reduce Scope 2 emissions by 5% year on year.
  3. Reduce Scope 3 Intensity (Kg CO2e per meeting) by 7% year on year.
  4. Fit timer to office heating - switch off at night.
  5. Turn off computers at night & weekend.
  6. Record the mode of transport and distance travelled for every person who attends a Sterling meeting.


Our Net Emissions is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year once the amount we saved has been taken into account.

Net Emissions



Carbon Footprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year.

Actual Emissions



Equivalent to


flights London-New York

Carbon Handprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we saved in the year.

Offsets Purchased



Emissions Avoided




Our benchmarks allow us to compare our emissions with the average amount that other organisations in our industry sector produce.

Emissions Intensity


kgCO2e per meeting


This chart shows our baseline of our emissions so that we can monitor our improvements.


We have joined the Go Climate Positive certification programme

We have joined the "Go Climate Positive" carbon certification programme and achieved the "Carbon Footprint" certificate, which attests that we have calculated our full Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon footprint and have defined a carbon reduction plan aligned with the global goal to limit global warming to 1.5

We will fit a timer to office heating

We have committed to fit a heating time to ensure the heating is turned off when the office is not in use to enable us to save energy through the night and over weekends. 

‘Go Climate Positive’ is a membership programme that makes it easy for businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It is designed to adhere to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain Standard.

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