Active Gloucestershire

are reducing

our Carbon Footprint

This means we are committed to calculating and reducing our impact on climate change  year on year in line with the global goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

This has been independently validated by "Go Climate Positive".

About us

We believe that physical activity can have a transformative impact on the lives of people and their communities. It is the single biggest thing that can be done to improve a person’s health.

We are part of a national network of Active Partnerships operating across England. At our essence we are about driving positive change.

As a trusted organisation, Active Gloucestershire coordinates we can move. Inspiring people to unite behind a common vision to increase physical activity. Connecting individuals and organisations to build strong collaborative partnerships. Enabling the growth and impact of we can move, through providing a range of resources, training and support.


We are committed to targeting a 63% reduction in emissions against 2020-21 levels by the 2035-36 financial year.


We have committed to reducing emissions over the next year by:

  1. Reviewing staff travel policy to ensure that it doesn’t incentivise individual car travel
  2. Ensuring any future office accommodation has an energy performance rating of A
  3. Exploring cost effectiveness of “green” energy and impact for staff where they are working remotely
  4. Reviewing performance and set improvement targets annually
  5. Asking all suppliers for information relating to their own carbon reduction measures (in particular printing and software suppliers).


Our Net Emissions is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year once the amount we saved has been taken into account.

Net Carbon Footprint



Carbon Footprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year.

Actual Emissions



Equivalent to


flights London-New York

Carbon Handprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we saved in the year.

Offsets Purchased



Emissions Avoided




Our benchmarks allow us to compare our emissions with the average amount that other organisations in our industry sector produce.

Emissions Intensity


tCO2e per employee


This chart shows how our emissions have changed over the last 5 years.

‘Go Climate Positive’ is a membership programme that makes it easy for businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It is designed to adhere to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain Standard.

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