The Human Business

is Climate Positive

This means we helped to slow down the increase in global warming in the year of certification, as we saved more greenhouse gas emissions than we produced.

This has been independently validated by "Go Climate Positive".

About us

The Human Business is one of an increasing number of voices advocating a different approach to doing business. An approach that recognises the many challenges we are all facing but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner.

Our ‘Meet Connect Refer’ community is for business professionals who believe putting human into business and connecting at a deeper more personal level is the only way for them to grow and prosper in a sustainable manner.

Whilst putting human into business is not always easy we believe it is always worth the endeavour because when inspired people come together the impossible becomes achievable.


We are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint by cutting our emissions:

  1. In half by 2021 and a further cut in half by 2023
  2. To Net Zero by 2030 (at least 90% reduction)


  1. Switch to green energy suppliers
  2. Find video hosting solution based on renewable energy
  3. Find video conferencing solution based on renewable energy
  4. Continue to plant a tree for every member and meeting attendee
  5. Consider offline archiving of data (target 50% reduction)


Our Net Emissions is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year once the amount we saved has been taken into account.

Net Emissions



Carbon Footprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year.

Actual Emissions



Equivalent to


flights London-New York

Carbon Handprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we saved in the year.

Offsets Purchased



Emissions Avoided




Our benchmarks allow us to compare our emissions with the average amount that other organisations in our industry sector produce.

Emissions per attendance


kgCO2e per customer

Sector Comparison




This chart shows how our emissions have changed over the last 5 years.


We are removing carbon from the atmosphere by planting trees in the UK

We are investing in planting trees and managing woodland in the UK that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our programme plants a mixture of native tree species that are selected for each location to match the needs of wildlife.

We account for each individual tree, and we maximise its ability to capture carbon for at least 50 years by nurturing and managing our woodlands to check that the potential of our trees and their benefits to the local environment is met.

We are reducing our customers' mileage by moving our meetings online

We have committed to move all our meetings online, saving 11kg CO2e per meeting. Over the next few years we will ensure that all of our meetings are hosted on services that use only renewable energy.

‘Go Climate Positive’ is a membership programme that makes it easy for businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It is designed to adhere to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain Standard.

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