Tileflair are reducing

our Carbon Footprint

This means we are committed to calculating and reducing our impact on climate change  year on year.

This has been independently validated by "Go Climate Positive".

About us

Tileflair are the largest privately owned tile supplier in the south. Our mission is to help our customers Create Something Beautiful by providing the best possible customer experience.

We aim to build such trust and strong relationships with our customers that they choose to return to us again and again, year after year. This includes taking care of the environment in which we operate.

Our aim is to be a “net zero” carbon emissions company achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere and those taken out.


1) For the emissions we control directly, we aim to reach net zero by 2040 with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction by 2030. The main types of emissions we control directly are from:

a) Our diesel and petrol powered vehicles;

b) Our gas and electricity usage for heating and lighting.

2) For the emissions we can influence, we aim to reach net zero by 2045 with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction by 2040. The main types of emissions we can influence are from:

a) The production of products that we sell;

b) The transport by others of products that we sell


We have committed to reducing emissions over the next year by:

  1. Evaluating energy saving from LEDs at one site and look to extend if successful
  2. Investigating automatic shutdown of computers
  3. Identifying suitable software for route planning
  4. Replacing company cars with EVs. Trialing salary sacrifice scheme.
  5. Pressing our manufacturers for low-carbon or recycled product options


Our Net Emissions is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year once the amount we saved has been taken into account.

Net Emissions



Carbon Footprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we produced in the year.

Actual Emissions



Equivalent to


flights London-New York

Carbon Handprint

This is the total amount of greenhouse gases we saved in the year.

Offsets Purchased



Emissions Avoided




Our benchmarks allow us to compare our emissions with the average amount that other organisations in our industry sector produce.

Emissions Intensity


kgCO2e per £m revenue

Sector Comparison


lower than industry average


This chart shows how our emissions have changed over the last 5 years.


We have switched our electricity supply to renewable.

We have switched all electricity supplied to our showrooms to renewable.

We are investigating how we can create a zero emissions transport fleet

We are looking at how we can transition our van deliveries to electric, including both our own fleet and our use of couriers.

Our HGV fleet will be more of a challenge but we continue to look for low emissions options, such as the use of biofuels. In the meantime we will aim to reduce our emissions through load consolidation and improved journey planning.

‘Go Climate Positive’ is a membership programme that makes it easy for businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It is designed to adhere to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain Standard.

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