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Calculate your carbon footprint

1. Identify emissions categories

The first step in the process is to identify all of the emissions-causing activities in your business that are relevant for your needs.

Carbon Reduction Plan
To PPN06/21

A PPN06/21 calculation involves just the categories shown in green.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Full Scope 1-3

A full Scope 1-3 calculation involves identifying all significant categories for your business.

2. Collect data on your activities

Once we have identified all your significant emissions causing activities, we ask you to collect the data we need to do the calculation, which you provide through our secure online portal.

We try to make this as painless as possible by; starting with the data you already have; asking only for the specific data we need; and by allowing you to either type the data into the portal or upload files containing it.

3. Calculate your carbon footprint

Once we have received your data, we do the number crunching for you, ensuring that the calculation complies with the GHG protocol standard. We provide a comprehensive, but easy to read report that provides clarity on exactly where your emissions and contributions have come from.


Do you use a recognised standard?

Yes, we adhere to The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. this is the most widely used standard in the world and ensures consistency. We also use the GHG Corporate Value Chain Standard to provide a full Scope 3 analysis. If you are considering another approach please do check whether it will provide a full Scope 3 analysis, or you may miss the lion's share of your footprint. If you would like to know more, our explanation of terms contains a description of Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

Our reports also fully meet the requirements of PPN06/21 (which also references the GHG protocol).

Does it need to be this complex?

We appreciate that this sounds complicated, but we have simplified the process by creating a unique structured questionnaire, which we guide you through in your kick-off meeting, designed to rapidly identify all your emission and contributions and the data you already have about those activities. We always try to start by working with the data you already have.

It also gets easier as we go along. In subsequent years we just need to identify:

  • What has changed in your business that might affect the calculation?
  • Can we make any improvements to accuracy by collecting more or new data?

"Go Climate Positive made the process very straightforward and did all the heavy lifting…" - Gill Smith, The Business Kitchen

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