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Conserve and Regenerate Nature

We encourage members of our programme to invest in conserving and regenerating natural ecosystems alongside the critical job of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Whilst members are free to choose any project that appeals to them, we find that many are looking for guidance towards high-quality projects that are working in the UK. For that reason we have created a tree planting programme with our partner, 9 Trees CIC.

Why tree planting?

Tree planting is a highly beneficial way to offset greenhouse gas emissions as it physically removes carbon from the atmosphere and helps to promote biodiversity (although it gets less "airtime" the biodiversity crisis is at least as bad as the climate crisis).

Our tree planting programmeAlder saplings planted in the UK

We have partnered with 9Trees Carbon Offsetting CIC to create a new woodland in the UK. 9Trees is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, set up by a group of people determined to make a positive impact on the environment. With years of experience in nature conservation, promoting native wildlife and sustainable woodlands whilst creating much needed countryside jobs throughout the UK is at the core of 9Tree's mission.

We chose 9 Trees as our partner for a number of reasons:

  • We are not in this just to plant trees and to walk away. We are creating woodlands that will be nurtured, with our partners, for a minimum of 50 years. Our conservation expertise means that we are planting the right trees in the right places.
  • We don’t plant monocultures that have no benefit for local wildlife; we do plant a mixture of native tree species that are selected for each location to match the needs of wildlife.
  • We don’t plant trees on valuable habitats that would be destroyed by trees; we do check that the tree-planting will enhance the local environment before we start.
  • We don’t take your money and just send pictures of generic trees; we show you precisely where the trees are and what they are, and offer opportunities for you and your team to visit the woodland and to carry out some of the work.
  • We don’t use contractors without checking them out first; we do vet all our contractors before we use them, and we try to use people that have been recommended by the landowner when we can. We work hard to create local jobs for each woodland.
  • We don’t double-count our trees; we do account for each individual tree, and its capacity to capture carbon is counted only once and is attributed to a specific subscriber or business partner. We maximise its ability to capture carbon for at least 50 years by nurturing and managing our woodlands to check that the potential of our trees and their benefits to the local environment is met.

Benefits of tree planting

Tree planting has a wide number of environmental benefits, beyond tackling climate change:

  • Each tree that is planted and nurtured for 50 years removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locks it up in its biomass.
  • When done correctly, trees create and restore habitat for wildlife and increase biodiversity.
  • Trees stabilise the soil and help prevent further soil degradation.
  • Trees add to the beauty and diversity of the countryside helping inspire the next generation of conservationists
  • Our programme helps to create much needed jobs in the countryside.

 also offer a personal carbon offsetting subscription. Please visit their website for more details.

Tree planting FAQs

Is our tree planting programme suitable for offsetting or net zero neutralisation?

Tree planting is highly beneficial for both removing carbon from the atmosphere and more promoting biodiversity. However, the downside is that the carbon is removed as the tree grows so it takes at least 50 years for a significant benefits to be realised. This makes tree-planting unsuitable to offset emissions that have already happened. Also, although we take every care to ensure that our trees are nurtured for at least 50 years, the future is uncertain and there is no way to guarantee that every tree will remove the same amount of carbon and that they will never be cut down. Finally, we are confident that our partner, 9 Trees CIC, will manage our nurture our trees well, however they do not pay for the independent carbon monitoring that would be required to use the trees for neutralising emissions.

For these reasons our tree planting programme is not suitable for carbon neutral offsetting or neutralising residual emissions for a claim of net zero.

Offsetting solutions

Our Gold Standard carbon credits are suitable for offsetting. Note: we no longer promote the concept of offsetting and do not encourage business to pursue Carbon Neutrality as a goal. Click here to read why.

Click here to learn more

Neutralisation solutions

Our Woodland Carbon Code carbon credits are suitable for neutralising residual emissions for a Net Zero claim. 

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How will our Tree purchases be recognised?

If you are a member of the Road to Net Zero programme, any trees you purchase will be recognised on your certificate as a "Contribution to future impact" (see Certification page for details).

Do you recognise investments in other nature conservation or regeneration schemes?

Yes, we do. If you are a member of the Road to Net Zero programme, any investment in nature conservation or regeneration will be recognised on your certificate as a "Contribution to future impact" (see Certification page for details). We will just need to see evidence to demonstrate that the investment you have made will promote biodiversity, be free of adverse unintended consequences (especially for indigenous peoples) and be managed for the long-term.

Next steps

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