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The "Road to Net Zero" certification scheme

Recognising the need to communicate climate commitments and achievements quickly and effectively, our certification scheme is an integral part of our programme.

The “Road to Net Zero” programme helps you put in place the processes and systems needed to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions. As achieving Net Zero is likely to take many years, the programme is designed to recognise your current stage of development in the implementation of those processes and systems.

The programme recognises 3 key steps on the “Road to Net Zero”:

Step 1 = implemented an effective Carbon Management System.

Step 2 = engaged all key Stakeholders in the journey.

Step 3 = published a Net Zero roadmap, detailing the organisation’s transition to Net Zero.

The key requirements of our certification scheme are shown below.

Once you complete the requirements of each Step, you will be entitled to use the appropriate badge on your website and in your marketing, for as long as you remain a member of the programme.

"We wanted to get a recognisable certificate that shows

that we take this seriously"- Jon Quinn, Geckota Ltd

Transparently share your commitment to the climate

Informing your customers about what you are doing to become more eco-friendly in an open and honest way can be really hard.

We think it's important to be transparent, so we help you publish your carbon footprint and tell your customers what you are doing to reduce it and offset it by creating a unique certification page for your business, and by giving you a badge you can use on your website and marketing communications.

Recognise your achievements

One of the key goals of the programme is to highlight the positive impacts you have achieved on your carbon journey.

So, the certificate recognises your carbon impacts in 8 different ways:

  • Reductions made to your own Net Emissions compared to your Baseline (tCO2e or tCO2e/intensity-factor)
  • Additional CO2 removals made compared to your Baseline (tCO2e)
  • GHG emissions you have helped others to avoid since your Baseline calculation (tCO2e)
  • GHG emissions you have helped others to reduce using carbon credits since your Baseline calculation (tCO2e)
  • GHG removals you have made using carbon credits since your Baseline calculation (tCO2e)
  • Future GHG removals you have funded through the purchase of Pending Issuance Units since your Baseline calculation (tCO2e)
  • The number of Trees you have planted since your Baseline calculation (Trees)
  • The Investment you have made in conserving or regenerating natural ecosystems (£k GBP)

"77% of business decision makers state that a supplier’s environmental performance or sustainability record is an important factor in product selection" (Shelton Group, 2016)

Robust certification criteria

Our certification criteria are aligned with current best practice and, for the sake of transparency, are available publicly.

Read our certification criteria in full

Make a complaint or report a non-compliance

All certification programmes should have the facility to make a complaint or report a member you think may be non-compliant.

Make a complaint

Caroline Aistrop of Green Spark Marketing says

Three-quarters of consumers are choosing to buy from companies demonstrating their green commitments; nearly half of smaller companies have been asked for their sustainability policy by larger companies; and studies consistently show how staff loyalty increases and staff recruitment is easier for companies which are visibly ​caring for the planet.

​If you're not shouting about your sustainability commitments, you're missing the opportunity to attract new customers, increase loyalty in existing ones, boost staff motivation, attract new talent - and, of course, use your experience to help others play their part in creating a healthy world. Future generations will thank you for that.

Next steps

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