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Carbon Management System

Step 1 of the Road To Net Zero programme implements an effective carbon management system in your business. This system is like your “sat-nav”, ensuring that you start your net zero journey on the right foot; knowing where you started, travelling in the right direction, and giving you the tools to navigate it and not get lost along the way.

We establish an annual cycle

At the heart of effective Carbon Management is establishing a system to calculate, reduce and publish your carbon footprint. Our system is built around a 6-step annual cycle, designed to get you moving quickly then embed carbon management for the long-term.


We guide you through a structured questionnaire that rapidly identifies all your emissions causing activities throughout your value chain was well as the positive contributions your business makes to the wider effort to tackle climate change.


We ask you to collect only the data we need to do the calculation, which you provide through our secure online portal.


We do the number crunching for you, ensuring that the calculations comply with the standards and provide a comprehensive, but easy to read report that provides clarity on exactly where your emissions and contributions have come from.


We help you to set sensible targets to reduce your footprint, that are in line with the latest scientific thinking on climate change, and to create a practical action plan to get there.


We create and host your own unique certification page, so that you can show people that your commitment is real and independently verified.


We support you through the year, encouraging you to stay on track, giving tips and advice and putting you in touch with other members on the same journey.

Then we do it again next year…

"Go Climate Positive made the process very straightforward and did all the heavy lifting…" - Gill Smith, The Business Kitchen

Our annual Carbon Management Cycle


Once you have establish your Net Zero Roadmap you can qualify for Step 1 in the "Road to Net Zero" certification programme.

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