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Fulfilling an ambition to Carbon Neutral and beyond…

The Name Label Company is a family run business employing 5 people in the village of Overbury, Gloucestershire. They supply printed and embroidered name labels for children's clothing & personal possessions as well as the care & nursing industry where clothes are typically washed in a central laundry. The owners, Matt and Emma Busby, attended one of our free workshops, “How to green your business”, where they learned about our “6 steps to sustainable business”, of which the first step is “know your footprint”. Here is what they said about the workshop;

“It really opened our eyes to what we could achieve and the numerous benefits to our business. We were so fired up following the workshop we invited Eoin to come in and advise how we could take our sustainability journey further.”

Matt and Emma had already made a strong commitment to reducing their environmental impact through achieving the standard for environmental management ISO14001, and now they wanted to focus more deeply on their climate impact by achieving Carbon Neutral status.

Using the Go Climate Positive process, we first helped them to calculate the carbon footprint of their company for the previous year. Using the protocol laid out in the GHG Corporate & Value Chain Standards we calculated that their footprint was 36.7 tonnes of CO2e, the main contributors being the embedded carbon in their purchased materials, the transportation of their products to their customer and the processing of waste generated in their operations.

We helped them to set meaningful but achievable footprint reduction targets. For the first year this included a target to reduce waste by 5% and to reduce emissions from employee commuting by encouraging cycling and car sharing.

Then we helped them to offset their footprint to go Carbon Neutral. The company had previously invested in a new iron-on label technology which reduces ironing time by 80%. Sales of this product create a carbon saving compared with traditional iron-on labels and so each sale helps to offset their carbon footprint. We also invested, on the company’s behalf, in projects in Cambodia, India and Europe that are designed to generate carbon savings, All of these projects are independently certified by the Gold Standard® and the carbon credits purchased for this purpose were retired in the Gold Standard Public Registry to create a permanent record.

Finally, we were able to issue The Name Label Company with their Carbon Neutral certificate and to create their unique web page which transparently publishes both their footprint and their commitments to reduce and offset it.

Click this link to view their certification page.

Matt and Emma are rightly proud of the Carbon Neutral status of their business, but they know that this is just a step on the journey towards achieving their ambition of going Climate Positive. We are delighted to be a part of that journey with them.

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