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Create Carbon Handprints

You may say we are dreamers, but at Go Climate Positive, we believe in creating a world that is better for us, better for our children and better for the plants and animals we share this planet with. This is why we have built our program on the principle of creating "handprints".

A handprint is a contribution that makes a positive change in the world, that helps improve the lives of others. A Carbon Handprint specifically helps someone else to reduce their carbon footprint.

If we do this, we can massively increase our positive impact on the climate by multiplying our efforts many times over. After all, once you have reduced your footprint to zero there is nowhere else to go, but there is no limit to the potential size of your handprint.

We believe we can help create a better world, by creating more and more handprints. We like to categorise this approach as aiming to "do more good - not just less bad" (with thanks to Michael Braungart & William McDonough for inventing the phrase), and that is what Go Climate Positive is all about.

“We see a world of abundance, not limits." - Michael Braungart & William McDonough

Creating handprints

We recognise 3 different ways of creating carbon handprints:

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits are a way of investing in projects that save or remove carbon outside of your own value chain. When you purchase from us, we only use certified carbon credits to ensure they meet the key principles of high quality carbon credits.

Avoided Emissions

We encourage members of our programme to create carbon handprints by helping others to reduce their emissions. Technically these are known as "Avoided Emissions" as you are helping others to avoid emissions they would otherwise have made.

Conserve and Regenerate Nature

We encourage members of our programme to invest in conserving and regenerating natural ecosystems alongside the critical job of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Handprint FAQs

What is a Carbon Handprint?

A handprint is a contribution that makes a positive change in the world, that helps improve the lives of others. If our footprints are what we unavoidably take from the planet, our handprints are what we intentionally give back.

A Carbon Handprint specifically helps to reduce someone else’s footprint.

If your Carbon Footprint represents the negative climate impact of the things you do that contribute to global warming, your Carbon Handprint represents the beneficial effects of the things you do that reduce global warming outside your own organisation and value chain.

How will our Carbon Handprints be recognised?

If you are a member of the Road to Net Zero programme, any carbon handprints you create will be recognised on your certificate as a "Contribution to wider impact" or as a "Contribution to future impact" (see Certification page for details).

Next steps

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