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Publish your commitment to the climate

Informing your customers about what you are doing to become more eco-friendly in an open and honest way can be really hard.

Transparency is the best defence against accusations of “Greenwashing”. So, all programme members get their own certification page, hosted on our website that publishes:

  • Your carbon footprint and handprint
  • Your historic emissions
  • Your targets, action plans and commitments.

This is designed to make disclosure of your carbon reduction plan easy whilst providing independent evidence of your commitment which can help prevent accusations of greenwashing.

See an example certification page

Your certificate is designed to highlight your achievements in saving carbon, both inside and outside your organisation.

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"77% of business decision makers state that a supplier’s environmental performance or sustainability record is an important factor in product selection" (Shelton Group, 2016)

Caroline Aistrop of Green Spark Marketing says

Three-quarters of consumers are choosing to buy from companies demonstrating their green commitments; nearly half of smaller companies have been asked for their sustainability policy by larger companies; and studies consistently show how staff loyalty increases and staff recruitment is easier for companies which are visibly ​caring for the planet.

​If you're not shouting about your sustainability commitments, you're missing the opportunity to attract new customers, increase loyalty in existing ones, boost staff motivation, attract new talent - and, of course, use your experience to help others play their part in creating a healthy world. Future generations will thank you for that.

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