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Carbon Reduction Plans

We have developed a streamlined service designed to give you a compliant Carbon Reduction Plan with a minimum of fuss, using a simple 3-step process:

It will help you to:

ü Make a start to your carbon journey by calculating and understanding your emissions.

ü Submit your carbon numbers to your customers.

ü Write a carbon reduction plan for a contract tender.

Our process


We calculate your carbon footprint, including all the activities your business does that emit greenhouse gases, across all categories of activity identified by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol throughout your value chain (from raw material to end of life).


We help you to set sensible targets to reduce your footprint, that are in line with the latest scientific thinking on climate change, and to create a practical action plan to get there.

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We produce a compliant report that you can provide to anyone who requests you to disclose your carbon footprint.

Types of Carbon Reduction Plan

We offer 2 types of CRP depending on your customer’s requirements

Carbon Reduction Plan
To PPN06/21

ü Required if you are bidding for a government contract or seeking to supply under a framework agreement worth over £5m for Central Government or an arms-length public body.

ü Meets the minimum requirements for PPN06/21.

ü Includes the production and hosting of a PPN06/21 compliant report.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Full Scope 1-3

ü Required for disclosure of your full Scope 1-3 carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol.

ü Includes setting of science-based reduction targets and definition of an action plan to reduce your emissions.

ü Required for enhanced NHS reporting in 2027 or for a CDP/SBTi disclosure.

ü Includes the production and hosting of a PPN06/21 compliant report.

Your Carbon Reduction Plan Report

Carbon Reduction Plan FAQs

What does it cost to create a Carbon Reduction Plan?

The Go Climate Positive programme is designed to be affordable for businesses of all sizes, whatever sector you operate in. Click here for full pricing details.

How long does it take to write a Carbon Reduction Plan?

To some extent that depends how how quickly you can send us the information we need, but as a guide the whole process typically takes 8-12 weeks from start to finish.

What does a Carbon Reduction Plan consist of?

To read about the detail of what goes into a compliant Carbon Reduction Plan you can read our How to write a Carbon Reduction Plan blog .

Next steps

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