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Stakeholder Engagement

Typically, around 80% of your emissions will be controlled, or strongly influenced, by your key stakeholders such as suppliers, customers and employees (not forgetting the key role the leadership of your organisation has). You cannot achieve Net Zero without them on board and Step 2 of the Road To Net Zero programme will give you an effective toolkit to convert them from potential “roadblocks” into your “support crew”.

Why is stakeholder engagement important to carbon reduction?

Net Zero requires deep reduction of emission across your whole value chain, from raw material to end of life. As a result you will not be able to achieve it without involving the stakeholder groups that have a significant influence on your carbon footprint.

This may include:

  • Shareholders
  • Leadership
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Regulators
  • Associations
  • Public

Stakeholder Engagement plan

This is why Step 2 of the programme involves the creation of a Stakeholder Engagement plan, identifying which of your key stakeholders are needed to implement the action plan and develop strategies to get them involved, dependent on their current level of engagement. This is built on the ADKAR™ change management methodology.

Stakeholder Surveys

Before starting to involve your stakeholders, it’s important to discover exactly where they all are in their carbon journey, to feed into your Stakeholder Engagement Plan. So, Step 2 of the programme also includes surveys to each of your key Stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder Workshops

We help you setup workshops for your key Stakeholder groups, to help them understand the contribution they make to your emissions, confirm their position on their own carbon journey and get their buy in to an annual carbon data collection survey.

"We are all in this together. We will all make it or none of us will make it." 

- Ted Danson

Help your suppliers with their own carbon reduction

Subscribers to the "Road to Net Zero" programme also have free access to our Supplier carbon reduction programme, that will help ensure that your key suppliers are working on reducing their (and therefore your) carbon footprint, and reporting the emission associated with the products and services you buy from them to improve the accuracy of your own calculation.

So, instead of presenting your suppliers with a problem, you are can present them with a solution. We offer a a comprehensive set of services depending on where each of your suppliers are on their own carbon journey:

Carbon footprint reporting service

  • for those suppliers who have their own emissions 3rd-party calculated/verified.

Carbon footprint verification service

  • for those suppliers who have calculated their own emissions themselves.

Carbon footprint calculation service

  • for those suppliers who have not yet calculated their own emissions.

A Supplier referral scheme is also available, which helps you to earn money to fund your own carbon journey, by paying you a commission for each of your suppliers that signs up to the Road to Net Zero programme.

Annual carbon data collection survey

We help you setup an automated annual survey to collect carbon data from the suppliers who have agreed to participate. We can then incorporate their carbon numbers into the calculation for your carbon footprint. This will dramatically improve your Value Chain (Scope 3) carbon calculation.


Once you have implemented your Stakeholder Engagement plan you can qualify for Step 2 in the "Road to Net Zero" certification programme.

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