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Plan supplier engagement

Next, we help you create a plan to engage your selected suppliers, which may include:

1. Identifying which suppliers to engage and which to switch

    • It is likely you will have one plan for the suppliers you can actively engage with and a different one for those you can only passively engage with

2. Developing strategies to get them involved, dependent on their current level of engagement

    • These strategies are built on the highly respected ADKAR™ change management methodology by PROSCII. This sets out a series of 5 steps that individual or groups need to go through, in order, to adapt to any new situation.

3.  Consider whether there are any suppliers you may need to switch away from

    • Engaging your existing supply-chain allows you retain your trusted suppliers, who deliver what your business needs, rather than be forced to switch to new suppliers.
    • Also, by helping your existing suppliers to start their carbon journey, you will be helping to speed up the global transition towards Net Zero. 
    • However, if some prove unwilling to engage, you may need to consider switching to a new supplier.

ADKAR framework

Example supplier engagement review

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