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Carbon Consulting

Our standard process is perfect for businesses who want to make a start on their journey to Carbon Neutral and beyond. It provides a complete carbon management and certification service at a simple fixed price.

However, you might have more specific needs:

  • You have already calculated your operational (Scope 1 & 2) emissions and want to start calculating your value chain (Scope 3) emissions.
  • You would like to create a credible roadmap to Net Zero Emissions.
  • You want to get your employees, suppliers and other stakeholders more engaged and involved in your efforts to reduce carbon.
  • You would like to understand the carbon footprint of one of your products.
  • You want to understand how you can de-carbonise your products and services.
  • You need to create a Carbon Reduction Plan for a public tender (PPN 06/21)

We can help with any of these.

Send us a message or book a chat to discuss how we can help you achieve your carbon goals.

“With Eoin’s huge industry experience and unique framework, he is passionate about creating value for his clients looking to achieve their sustainability goals." - Kelechi Emerenini  (Detra Sustainable Design)

Roadmap to Net Zero Training Course

If you and your team would like to better understand the process you will need to go through to create a credible roadmap to net zero, this training course could be an ideal starting point.


  1. What does net zero mean?
  2. How to create a roadmap to net zero emissions including:
    • Calculating all the emissions of your business
    • Setting targets in line with a 1.5°C global warming limit
    • Eliminating, reducing or substituting all avoidable emissions
    • Checking progress annually and adjust
    • Compensating for unavoidable emissions with carbon removal
  3. Accelerating progress through wider influence
  4. Reporting progress
  5. Taking your first steps


This is a full-day course (9.00-17.00)

The course can be delivered online via zoom or in-person.

A workbook is provided.


Price per participant = £349  (+ travel expenses for in-person courses).

There is a minimum charge of 6 participants and we can take a maximum of 20.

We would be happy to take deliver a course to a mixed group of people from multiple organisations if that can be arranged.

Download a summary of the course

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To find out more about how we can help you achieve your carbon goals or to enquire about one of our training courses, send us a message or book a chat using the buttons on the right.

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