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Show your commitment to the climate

Informing your customers about what you are doing to become more eco-friendly in an open and honest way can be really hard.

We think it's important to be transparent, so we help you publish your carbon footprint and tell your customers what you are doing to reduce it and offset it by creating a unique certification page for your business, and by giving you a badge you can use on your website and marketing communications.

See an example certification page

"We wanted to get a recognisable certificate that shows

that we take this seriously"- Jon Quinn, Geckota Ltd

Level 1

Carbon Footprint

Shows you have calculated your full carbon footprint across up to 18 categories of emissions and 4 categories of savings, and set science-based targets to reduce it.

See emissions categories.

You get a badge to add to your website that links to your own certification page, telling your customers all about your footprint, and the work you're doing to reduce and offset it.

See an example certification page.

Level 2

Carbon Neutral

We always encourage you to reduce your footprint, however we realise that Rome wasn't built in a day so in the meantime we help you offset your footprint though buying carbon credits.

Carbon credits reduce emissions elsewhere to the same level as your footprint so that your business becomes Carbon Neutral.

We only use credits that have been independently verified by the Gold Standard so you can be confident that the emission reductions are real.

See our offsetting portfolio

Level 3

Climate Positive

We don’t believe in simply being “less bad”, we want to be “more good”. This idea is the heart of “Go Climate Positive”.

So we want to reward you for helping other businesses and consumers to reduce their emissions too.

  • Working with suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions,
  • Reusing or recycling materials and products
  • Developing and selling low-carbon products
  • Introducing other businesses to Go Climate Positive

All these activities are positive contributions that can lead to “Climate Positive” status.

Learn more about how you can go climate positive

"77% of business decision makers state that a supplier’s environmental performance or sustainability record is an important factor in product selection" (Shelton Group, 2016)

Caroline Aistrop of Green Spark Marketing saysPicture

Three-quarters of consumers are choosing to buy from companies demonstrating their green commitments; nearly half of smaller companies have been asked for their sustainability policy by larger companies; and studies consistently show how staff loyalty increases and staff recruitment is easier for companies which are visibly ​caring for the planet.

​If you're not shouting about your sustainability commitments, you're missing the opportunity to attract new customers, increase loyalty in existing ones, boost staff motivation, attract new talent - and, of course, use your experience to help others play their part in creating a healthy world. Future generations will thank you for that.

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