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The Go Climate Positive process

We work on an annual cycle, that goes like this:


We calculate your carbon footprint, including all the activities your business does that emit greenhouse gases, across 18 categories of activity.


We help you to set sensible targets to reduce your footprint, that are in line with the latest scientific thinking on climate change, and to create a practical action plan to get there.


If you want to go Carbon Neutral, we help you offset what you can’t yet reduce by buying and retiring carbon credits on your behalf. We only use independently verified credits.


We issue your badge for the year and create your certification page so that you can show people that your commitment is real.


We support you through the year, encouraging you to stay on track, giving tips and advice and putting you in touch with other members on the same journey.

Go Positive

You Go Positive by helping others to reduce their footprint through:

  • Reusing or recycling materials and products
  • Developing and selling low-carbon products
  • Helping suppliers or customers to reduce their emissions
  • Introducing other businesses to the community

Then we do it again next year…

"We don't want to just pay lip service" - Tim Pearce, Haines Watts Accountants

Membership Levels


When you are ready to take your carbon footprint seriously, this option is for you.


ü  Carbon footprint calculation

ü  Target setting and action planning

ü  Verified carbon offsetting

ü  Certification

ü  Members portal and events

ü  Carbon Reduction Plan included

From £39 + VAT per month


Our recommended 

option when you are 

determined to take action.


ü  Everything in “Responsible”

ü  Stakeholder engagement plan

ü  Quarterly progress reviews

From £79 + VAT per month

Net Zero

This is the option when you want to make a credible “net zero” commitment.


ü  Everything in “Accountable”

ü  Net zero roadmap creation

ü  Annual carbon budgeting

From £109 +VAT per month

Read more about our membership levels

What makes Go Climate Positive different?

We are a community...

Tackling climate change can be tough at times, so we are building a community designed to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Carbon Coaches

  • Our carbon coaches will help you calculate and understand your carbon footprint. They will help you set science-basd targets to reduce it and are always on hand for help and advice.


    • The best plan in the world is no good if it is not implemented. Our “Accountable” membership includes quarterly progress reviews to keep your action plan on track and a stakeholder engagement plan to inspire your employees, suppliers and customers to get involved.

    Peer support

    • We know a problem shared is a problem halved, so we connect you with our other members to help you share experiences and best practice tips and help keep each other accountable to your reduction targets.

      Training and Events

      • We host a monthly drop-in video call for our members.
      • We also run optional meet-ups and training events to ensure you get all the support you need.

        Trusted Partners

        • We have built trusted relationships with other businesses that can help you on your journey to climate positive
        • They offer a variety of products and services that will help you reduce your carbon footprint, save waste and tell your climate story.

          Members' Portal

          Every member has access to our private members' portal where you can find everything to do with Go Climate Positive all in one place.
          You will be able to:
          • find and download your carbon footprint reports
          • get a link to your certification page
          • read and download advice sheets and energy saving tips
          • meet and communicate with your fellow members
          • find trusted partners
          • join the monthly video call
          • register for members exclusive events
          • take part in our members' discussion forum
          • ask for advice from our carbon coaches and other members

          We do it properly...

          18 categories of emissions

          If we are going to take this seriously we need to get a true and clear picture of where we are now.

          So, each year we calculate your carbon footprint, including all the activities your business does that emit greenhouse gases, across 18 categories of activity. We help you gather the right data to get a full understanding of all your climate impact, then we give you a comprehensive report according to the requirements of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

          Getting the full picture is only the first step. Ultimately we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but how do you know how much to reduce them by to really have an impact?

          We help you set science-based targets to reduce your emissions. This means that these targets are in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's guidance, to limit global warming to 1.5°C

          The goal is to reduce our emissions to zero. However in the real world it's not possible to do this immediately, so we help you offset what you cannot reduce by buying and retiring carbon credits on your behalf.

          Not all offsets are created equal so we only use credits that have been independently certified by the Gold Standard, so you can be confident that your offsetting really is effective. 

          How much does it cost?

          We are all about openness and honesty, so our membership fees are simple and transparent too.

          Our fixed fee depends on the size and complexity of your business and gives you membership and access to all member benefits for a year, and you can choose to pay annually or monthly, whichever is most convenient for you. The only extra is the cost of carbon credits for offsetting, if you choose to go Carbon Neutral, which we won’t know until we’ve calculated your footprint.

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          "I joined the Go Climate Positive programme in May and am very glad I did. It is a very professional process and Eoin answered all my questions. Highly recommended. From a very happy customer."

          - James Thomas, Cotswold Chauffeur Services

          Become a member

          To become a member and start your journey to climate positive, 

          please click the "Join us" button and follow the prompts.

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